“Textovert” and the Rise of New Words

I came across a word the other day while scrolling through my Twitter feed that made me stopped what I was doing and think about portmanteaus – two words mashed together to make a new word that combines the meaning of the original two. That word, as you can probably guess, is “textrovert.” (Which, by the way, seems like more and more people are becoming these days, am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I love to text, but if either of our texts start to resemble college essays, let’s just pick up the phone and call each other. It’s quicker, easier, and less annoying to respond back. But I digress…)

I have an affinity for portmanteaus. “Hangry,” the combination of hungry + angry, is a particular favorite of mine. And have you ever heard of “cinemagraph“? That’s another word I discovered in my Twitter feed! It combines “cinema” and “photograph” – basically it’s like a high quality GIF but more refined in its imagery, message, and purpose.

I think portmanteaus are fun because they make language more interesting, and they give us a deeper understanding of how our language, culture, and technology influence each other. Maybe since I work in marketing and love to read, I tend to notice the changes in our lexicon more than others. Then again, it’s probably us pesky marketing people coming up with these new words to begin with! 🙂 Wherever these new words come from, it’s undeniable that as our world continues to grow, change, and evolve, so will our language.

So, what about you friends? What are some of your favorite portmanteaus?


Writing Music Playlist

Some writers can’t write without music and others can’t write with it, but me…I’m a little bit of both depending on my mood and surroundings. When I’m looking for writing music, I tend to listen to Pandora but I also like using YouTube. Last year, I created a writing music playlist to keep track of songs that I found on Pandora that I really liked when I was getting into my flow. I hope you like the playlist, and please feel free to comment with some suggestions 🙂 I love discovering new artists, genres, and songs!

P.S. did you know the chills you get when listening to music is mostly caused by your brain releasing dopamine while anticipating the peak moment of a song?? 12 Facts About Music and the Way It Impacts Your Brain

A Funny Video that a Grammar Nerd (Like Me) Can Appreciate

This video isn’t the most recent song “Weird Al” Yankovic has produced but it’s by far my most favorite. Why? Probably because it speaks to my inner grammar geek, the little voice in my head that silently corrects people’s grammar without their knowing. The one that despairs at times that we, as a society, write and sound like lazy morons. Alas! This brilliant video makes me feel that I’m not alone in this mad world, armed with just my keyboard against misused contractions, wrong verb tenses and plain old bad spelling. If you know what I mean, I’m sure you’ll love this video too. 🙂

“The Day The Saucers Came” by Neil Gaiman

This poem was published in 2006 yet it feels more relevant today than ever. Enjoy!

Natalia Araya - Atelier

That Day, the saucers landed. Hundreds of them, golden,
Silent, coming down from the sky like great snowflakes,
And the people of Earth stood and
stared as they descended,
Waiting, dry-mouthed, to find out what waited inside for us
And none of us knowing if we would be here tomorrow
But you didn’t notice because

That day, the day the saucers came, by some some coincidence,
Was the day that the graves gave up their dead
And the zombies pushed up through soft earth
or erupted, shambling and dull-eyed, unstoppable,
Came towards us, the living, and we screamed and ran,
But you did not notice this because

On the saucer day, which was zombie day, it was
Ragnarok also, and the television screens showed us
A ship built of dead-men’s nails, a serpent, a wolf,
All bigger than the mind could hold,
and the cameraman could
Not get far enough…

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The Gist of Corporate Writing

The other day I was reading an article from PRDaily.com titled “15 tips to make the writing process less hellish” and I came across a quote that I thought pretty much summed up what corporate writing is all about. I liked the quote so much that I made a quick poster for it (using a free generator) to share here. What are some of your favorite quotes about writing?

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good writing quote

Typewriters and writing

Monday through Friday I work as a part-time office assistant/receptionist for Strates Shows in their corporate office. I haven’t been there long, only two weeks, but it’s been unlike any place I’ve worked at so far. My duties are pretty typical but there’s some…quirky things about the job, which isn’t surprising since it’s a carnival show. Despite some strange phone calls, our office cat named Oreo, and a co-worker who’s 95 years old and refers to me as “young lady” (side note: he called me by name today and I was completely floored) there’s one thing in the office that really makes me scratch my head. Typewriters. How is a typewriter still used in an office in the year 2012? Don’t get me wrong, they do have computers but a part of me is just baffled that a typewriter is regularly used in this place. I’m guessing it’s a generational thing because I’ve never even used a typewriter – that is until yesterday. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to my typewriter 🙂

Typewriter at my cubicle.

Despite my resistance to get on the thing, I actually found it kind of enjoyable once I learned how to use it. There’s something gratifying about hearing the keys click and clack and seeing printed letters appear right before eyes with just a swift movement of the fingers. Today though, I got pretty annoyed by the damn thing. I kept messing up! It’s such a pain because you can’t really fix your mistakes. With a computer you’re just so use to typing without really having to pay attention because you know you can go back and fix it. Not with this bad boy. You mess up, you pretty much have to start all over again.

Despite these frustrations, I think there is a lost art to writing with a typewriter. Using a typewriter really made me conscience to what exactly I was writing. Maybe the ease of typing with a computer has the effect of people sending or publishing messages without paying attention to what exactly they’re saying. I’m not getting rid of my beloved laptop any time soon but my old school typewriter taught me that not all things outdated are useless.

Joined a women’s writing group

About a month ago a guy that I was dating forwarded me a link to a group organized for people interested in learning how to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. Yes, you read that right…I personally thought the idea was awesome (I’m a huge Walking Dead fan) and we both laughed about it later. Well, the point of the story though is that this group introduced me to a website called Meetup.com where the group was founded. If you haven’t heard of Meetup I’ll quickly explain the concept behind it. Meetup is a place where you can find a wide variety of groups and clubs, you can join as many groups as you like and even start your own. Groups vary from sports, social, culinary, professional networking, dating, art, music, pet owners – the list goes on.

After me and the guy called it quits, I figured this was a perfect time to start meeting new people. I’ve lived in Orlando since February and I haven’t really made a lot of friends. I’ve dated, hung out with my sisters and their friends, and occasionally gotten drinks with coworkers but I still haven’t made any gal pals of my own. I decided to keep an open mind and signed up for a whole bunch of different groups like kickball, girls night out, book club, even a belly dancing group. Recently though, I’ve come across a group that I’m pretty excited about. It’s called the Women Writers Group. It was a group that was recently started and there were no members in it when I first stumbled upon it. I was apprehensive in joining such a new group but I thought that this could really be an opportunity for me to be a part of something really cool. All the other groups I’ve joined had lots of members and felt a little impersonal. As soon as I joined I got a warm friendly message from the founder.

Since I’ve joined, which hasn’t been long, 12 other women have joined. It may not sound like a lot but I prefer quality over quantity any ways. Our first meet up is in September and I’m really looking forward to it. I joined Meetup with the intention of making friends but if I walk away meeting other women writers and we can grow and learn from one another, that’s way better then all the happy hours and Sunday games combined. I think it’s important meeting other writers and sharing your work, receiving feedback, and appreciating the talent of fellow writers. It’s intimidating sharing something as personal as your work with strangers (or anybody for that matter) but if you don’t have the balls to do it, how can you ever expect to get anywhere in your career let alone get published? For me, I know I’ve got a long way to go in my writing but I’m going to take any opportunity I can get to challenge and improve myself. Even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable….