Photos of Glass Animals at the Beacham

Earlier this month, I went to see the Glass Animals perform at The Beacham, a music venue and club in downtown Orlando. If you’ve never heard of the Glass Animals, seriously stop reading this and go check them out on YouTube. I’ll be here waiting….

Welcome back! They’re pretty awesome, right?

Seeing them perform live was really fun, and the experience was made even better because I got to check out The Beacham which I’ve been wanting to do since I moved in Orlando in 2012. I’ve only been inside once or twice when it’s a club so I felt like I haven’t really seen what it’s like as a music venue.

I was a little hesitant about how The Beacham would be after reading mixed reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google, but I ended up liking it and would go back again for future concerts. It was the perfect size for this type of concert and the light show was just right for the music. Besides a couple squeaks on the speakers, the acoustics were otherwise pretty good IMHO.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the Glass Animals concert on Dec. 7, 2015 that I took on my Galaxy s6. My favorite thing about the show (besides the band) were the pretty lights πŸ™‚



Old School Photography

It’s crazy the stuff you stumble across when you move into a new place and finally get to sorting through all the boxes in the corner…the other day I ended up finding some photographs I took back in my high school’s photography classes – it brought back so many memories! We were taught using a film camera and learned how to develop our film in a darkroom. I loved all of it: the process, all the technical elements that soon became second nature – shutter speeds, apertures, composition, mixing chemicals, light exposure times, darkroom stations and more! Being in the darkroom, listening to music as I brought images to life on paper became almost like a meditation.

Sorry where was I? Oh yes, well I found a couple photos I took and developed back when I was 16 (circa 2005). The first two photos are from a trip I took for my 16th birthday visiting my older sister Sylvia in Philadelphia. The third photo is one I took at my school, Montverde Academy. Our school had grades K-12 so I happened to come across these two little boys playing during my photography class when my classmates and I were out shooting (or suppose to be lol). I’m considering getting back into film photography, especially since I found my dad’s 1981 Canon AE-1 Program in another random box. Fingers crossed that the batteries I ordered will kick start the old camera!!

Had to get that iconic LOVE sign! And I guess so did that other guy.

Had to get that iconic LOVE sign! And I guess so did that other guy.

We were walking around and outside of a museum there was this building with our last name on it. I took this photo in one snap. It's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken :)

My sister Sylvia. We were walking around the city and outside of a museum there was this building with our last name on it. I took this photo in one snap. It’s probably my favorite photo I’ve ever taken πŸ™‚

Two young boys at Montverde Academy

Two young boys at Montverde Academy. They’re probably all grown up now!

Styling Work is Featured – Yay!

Life has been super hectic for me over the last couple of weeks but when something that you’ve been working on for so long finally gets recognized you can’t help but feel a moment of “this wasn’t for nothing after all!” This moment I’m referring to is when a style shoot that I helped stylize was featured onΒ Belle the Magazine. My boss Misty did such an incredible job shooting and editing, and all the participating vendors’ work was so superb that I feel honored just to have been there let alone be active in the shoot.

That’s me in the middle with the light reflector!

The theme of the shoot was 1920s Hollywood glam/Great Gatsby. The major thing that I did was stylize the guest tables and the sweetheart table. Pretty much most of the day though I was running here and there getting props, fixing dresses, holding the light reflector, coordinating the different vendors, and anything else Misty or our team needed to get done. It was such a long day! But it was a lot of fun playing with so many pretty thing (I know…I’m such a girl!). Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the shoot but to see the full post, click here or visit Misty’s blog.

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