My Favorite Albums

Music is a big part of my life – I listen to it at work, in the car, when I’m working out, cleaning, and cooking. Although the music industry has moved more towards single releases and EPs (extended play record which contains more track than a single but not enough to qualify as an album or LP), there’s something about an album that will hold a special place in my heart. These albums, in particular, are ones that I can listen to over and over again without ever getting tired.

What are your favorite albums? I’d love to hear them!


Writing Music Playlist

Some writers can’t write without music and others can’t write with it, but me…I’m a little bit of both depending on my mood and surroundings. When I’m looking for writing music, I tend to listen to Pandora but I also like using YouTube. Last year, I created a writing music playlist to keep track of songs that I found on Pandora that I really liked when I was getting into my flow. I hope you like the playlist, and please feel free to comment with some suggestions 🙂 I love discovering new artists, genres, and songs!

P.S. did you know the chills you get when listening to music is mostly caused by your brain releasing dopamine while anticipating the peak moment of a song?? 12 Facts About Music and the Way It Impacts Your Brain