“I Am Meth” Poem by Anonymous

I was watching a Buzzfeed video the other day about the stupid things people have done on meth, and the video featured lines of poetry about meth that caught my attention and made me want to read more. Fortunately in the comment section (never thought I would say that), someone posted the full poem. You may have read the poem before since it’s reportedly been around since 2005, but I figured I would share anyway because it’s that damn good. The poem is hauntingly beautiful and even though I’ve never tried or have thought of trying meth, the words struck me to my core.

I destroy homes, I tear families apart, take your children, and that’s just the start.

I’m more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold, The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold.

If you need me, remember I’m easily found, I live all around you – in schools and in town.

I live with the rich; I live with the poor, I live down the street, and maybe next door.

I’m made in a lab, but not like you think, I can be made under the kitchen sink. In your child’s closet, and even in the woods, If this scares you to death, well it certainly should.

I have many names, but there’s one you know best, I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is crystal meth.

My power is awesome; try me you’ll see, But if you do, you may never break free.

Just try me once and I might let you go, But try me twice, and I’ll own your soul.

When I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie, You do what you have to — just to get high.

The crimes you’ll commit for my narcotic charms Will be worth the pleasure you’ll feel in your arms, your lungs your nose.

You’ll lie to your mother; you’ll steal from your dad, When you see their tears, you should feel sad.

But you’ll forget your morals and how you were raised, I’ll be your conscience, I’ll teach you my ways.

I take kids from parents, and parents from kids, I turn people from God, and separate friends.

I’ll take everything from you, your looks and your pride, I’ll be with you always — right by your side.

You’ll give up everything – your family, your home, Your friends, your money, then you’ll be alone.

I’ll take and take, till you have nothing more to give, When I’m finished with you, you’ll be lucky to live.

If you try me be warned – this is no game, If given the chance, I’ll drive you insane.

I’ll ravish your body, I’ll control your mind, I’ll own you completely, your soul will be mine.

The nightmares I’ll give you while lying in bed, The voices you’ll hear, from inside your head.

The sweats, the shakes, the visions you’ll see, I want you to know, these are all gifts from me.

But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart, That you are mine, and we shall not part.

You’ll regret that you tried me, they always do, But you came to me, not I to you.

You knew this would happen, many times you were told, But you challenged my power, and chose to be bold.

You could have said no, and just walked away, If you could live that day over, now what would you say?

I’ll be your master, you will be my slave, I’ll even go with you, when you go to your grave.

Now that you have met me, what will you do? Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you.

I can bring you more misery than words can tell, Come take my hand, let me lead you to hell.


The Truth Behind Social Media – “Instagram Husband” [Video]

I think a lot of guys (and girls) can identify with this video. “Instagram Husband” by The Mystery Hour is a satirical poke at social media that does a great job of showing the ridiculous lengths most of us go to capture the ‘perfect’ shot showing off our ‘perfect’ lives.

I know I’ve been guilty of taking too many photos instead of just living in the moment.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everything – even if it’s a special moment – needs to be documented and shared online. I’m not trying to bash anyone that loves posting to social media often, but if much of your self-worth is based on how many likes, followers, or shares you have, then it’s probably time to question how social media is benefiting you.

Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt

With the Internet and social media, it’s so easy to get caught up in how we are better or worse than everyone else. That kind of thinking, however, can drive us crazy! The next time you start getting down on yourself over someone else’s seemingly perfect life, remember these two things: not everything is at it seems, and the only thing that controls your happiness is you.

Reaching For More – the Good and the Bad

Wealth isn’t everything, but as a friend of mine once said, “I would rather cry in a mansion than in an apartment.” For anyone who has been on the Ramen noodle diet or prayed that they don’t overdraft on their debit card while waiting in the check out aisle, you know that worrying about money genuinely sucks. Fortunately, my college days are behind me and I have a job that allows me to live comfortably. But in this day in age, it seems like most people want more (I’m certainly guilty of it).  That’s why when I see online articles about how to be more successful, healthy, attractive, wealthy…I kind of get mixed emotions.

Recently, I came across this infographic about the habits of wealthy people. It has some useful, worthwhile advice but I couldn’t help but feel like it shamed the rest of us who can’t pick up these habits and practices because we’re too busy struggling to make ends meet. I know this infographic is meant to be motivational, even inspirational, but it comes off to me a little condescending with an “us” versus “them” mentality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for improving one’s own life – but only if that’s what you truly want, and not what you think you should do, have or be like. With so many different types of social networks we have at our fingertips (literally thanks to smartphones), it’s inevitable that we compare ourselves to our family, friends, coworkers, even strangers. Sometimes that comparison makes us feel bad about our lives and sometimes it can make us feel better because we can say, “At least I have a better job,” or “Thank God I’m not that fat.” But at the end of the day, are we happy?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t let comparison steal away your joy. You’re always going to be ahead or behind than someone else. So the next time you read a story about how this person has achieved something you want or an article that neatly outlines the steps to success, take it for face value. Use the advice for the sake of making yourself a better person and your life more meaningful, not just because you want to look a certain way to others or feel like you need to meet certain expectations to be “successful.”

Richest People
Source: Business-Management-Degree.net

“The Day The Saucers Came” by Neil Gaiman

This poem was published in 2006 yet it feels more relevant today than ever. Enjoy!

Natalia Araya - Atelier

That Day, the saucers landed. Hundreds of them, golden,
Silent, coming down from the sky like great snowflakes,
And the people of Earth stood and
stared as they descended,
Waiting, dry-mouthed, to find out what waited inside for us
And none of us knowing if we would be here tomorrow
But you didn’t notice because

That day, the day the saucers came, by some some coincidence,
Was the day that the graves gave up their dead
And the zombies pushed up through soft earth
or erupted, shambling and dull-eyed, unstoppable,
Came towards us, the living, and we screamed and ran,
But you did not notice this because

On the saucer day, which was zombie day, it was
Ragnarok also, and the television screens showed us
A ship built of dead-men’s nails, a serpent, a wolf,
All bigger than the mind could hold,
and the cameraman could
Not get far enough…

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Are we as bad as we think we are?

Whenever I happen to have some leisurely time to read the smart/funny/crazy/stupid things people comment on articles, I can’t help but notice how negative some people are about the world we live in. They kind of have a “world is going to crap”  sort of attitude for any story that reports our fellow humans’ depravity. You can give me the argument that there’s just people in this world who are negative by nature. I get that and agree because I’ve met a lot of people who no matter what you say, they’re going to continue being negative.

Personally, I think the world is no worse or better than it was in the past. In the words of my dad when I was growing up, “People don’t change. Ever.” I used to think he was wrong, that surely people can change if they really wanted to and worked hard at it. As I’ve gotten older, I’m starting to think the old man has a point.

human nature

In my opinion, the only thing that’s really changed about our world is that our communication is fast. Like, really freaking fast. With just a click of a button, we can be plugged in 24/7 to all the crazy things that are going on. Not even a century ago, people didn’t travel that far from the places they were born. Of course things would seem all peaceful in the “good ol’ days” if you don’t have the means to communicate what’s happening here or there. Humans have been doing really terrible and awesome things since the beginning of time. How we talk about our achievements and failures is the true indicator of whether we’re progressing or letting ourselves repeat history over and over and….

Typewriters and writing

Monday through Friday I work as a part-time office assistant/receptionist for Strates Shows in their corporate office. I haven’t been there long, only two weeks, but it’s been unlike any place I’ve worked at so far. My duties are pretty typical but there’s some…quirky things about the job, which isn’t surprising since it’s a carnival show. Despite some strange phone calls, our office cat named Oreo, and a co-worker who’s 95 years old and refers to me as “young lady” (side note: he called me by name today and I was completely floored) there’s one thing in the office that really makes me scratch my head. Typewriters. How is a typewriter still used in an office in the year 2012? Don’t get me wrong, they do have computers but a part of me is just baffled that a typewriter is regularly used in this place. I’m guessing it’s a generational thing because I’ve never even used a typewriter – that is until yesterday. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to my typewriter 🙂

Typewriter at my cubicle.

Despite my resistance to get on the thing, I actually found it kind of enjoyable once I learned how to use it. There’s something gratifying about hearing the keys click and clack and seeing printed letters appear right before eyes with just a swift movement of the fingers. Today though, I got pretty annoyed by the damn thing. I kept messing up! It’s such a pain because you can’t really fix your mistakes. With a computer you’re just so use to typing without really having to pay attention because you know you can go back and fix it. Not with this bad boy. You mess up, you pretty much have to start all over again.

Despite these frustrations, I think there is a lost art to writing with a typewriter. Using a typewriter really made me conscience to what exactly I was writing. Maybe the ease of typing with a computer has the effect of people sending or publishing messages without paying attention to what exactly they’re saying. I’m not getting rid of my beloved laptop any time soon but my old school typewriter taught me that not all things outdated are useless.

What I’m learning from doing things alone

Over the last month or so I’ve been noticing that I’ve been doing a lot of stuff on my own. I never set out on in my mind like “hey, I think this would be better if I went solo” it just…happened. I think I got tired of feeling constrained by friend’s and family’s schedules and moods. I’ve gone to the movies, eaten at a restaurant, and clothes shopped on my own before and I know that lots of other people have too. But recently I’ve done a couple things by myself that have surprised people who have known me the longest. Before I start my tale of hanging out with Me, Myself & I, I should probably let you know that I’m not the most outgoing person. I’m friendly, smart, and pretty quick witted but I know that my personality isn’t one that can just walk into a room and make a hundred friends by the end of the night. I don’t view it as a shortfall of mine, it’s just not the way am.

Last week I went to a happy hour mixer organized through a group I joined on Meetup.com. It was at Terrace 390 in downtown and I didn’t know a single person there, let alone where the place was even located. I was excited but nervous to say the least. On one hand, I was excited to meet other people and expand my social circle but on the hand I was nervous because I was meeting new people and didn’t want to feel awkward. The night was a little bit of a let down (most of the people I met weren’t even in my group) but I still met friendly people, had some interesting conversations, and thoroughly enjoyed my happy hour cocktails. I left that night feeling a little more confident because I accomplished what I set out to do – step out of my comfort zone. I also walked away more confident because I got to know myself better through the experience.

Another new thing I’ve done on my own recently was go to the beach. I didn’t expect to go to the beach yesterday by myself and almost convinced myself to accompany my friend to his frat’s pool party. But the more I thought about doing what he wanted to do rather than what I wanted to do got me feeling pissed just thinking about going to a crowded pool, eating generic tasting hot dogs and burgers, and listening to obnoxious party music. I changed my thinking and went about my whole beach trip as a few hours of “me time” and stress relief. I packed my big bottle of water, some snacks, my music, picked up a Cosmo and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and made my happy way to the beach. I blasted some tunes for the car ride and when I got to Honeymoon Island I found a nice spot near the water. After spending a couple of relaxing hours at the beach swimming, laying out, listening to music, reading my mag, and people watching while taking a walk, I was so glad that I decided to go to the beach rather than the pool party, even if it was by myself.

A couple years ago, I had a friend in college that was totally taken aback when I told her that I’ve gone to most of our school’s various gym classes by myself. I remember her saying, “You really go by yourself? I could never do that!” I think people have a negative connotation when it comes to doing things by yourself. They take it as a sign of loneliness or that people will judge them as losers. Both of which are total crap. I’m doing stuff by myself not because I’m a loser (well, I don’t consider myself a loser but that’s probably subjective) or I’m lonely. I’m going solo these days because I want to enjoy my life and experience new things without depending on somebody else. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a partner in crime or meeting up with a group of friends but there really are moments I just want to unplug from technology and not talk to anybody. Selfish? Maybe, but I don’t think so. Does anybody else like doing things on their own or am I in the minority here?