Wordy Wednesday – Hemingway On First Drafts

Sure, Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest writers of all time but that doesn’t mean everything he wrote was gold – especially first drafts. Nobody is perfect and neither is writing! Sometimes you just have to power through that hot, steaming pile of…drafts and then edit, rewrite, and repeat.

Wordy Wednesday - Hemingway on First Drafts peaceofwriting.com



20th Century Headlines Rewritten to Get More Clicks [Graphic]

“Clickbait” headlines…whether or not you’ve heard of the term, you’ve definitely fallen for them like the rest of us. Over the last couple years, clickbait stories have kind of gotten a sleazy┬árap because readers often feel duped after clicking on a story that didn’t deliver. Fortunately though, we have funny writers like Randall Munroe at XKCD who can combine humor, history, and clickbait copywriting into something pretty cool.

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