Going on a Date with a Famous Author [Infographic]

Valentine’s Day is a couple days away and if you’re a single booklover like me, you might be spending it relaxing at home and reading a good book with some wine and pizza. Mmmm…pizzaaaa. Wait, what are we talking about? Oh yes, Valentine’s Day and books! Thanks to this infographic by EssayTigers.com, us booklovers can swoon (err, I mean imagine) what it would be like to go on a date with a famous author.

Which author would you most like to go on a date? I love the quote by Jane Austen but the date with Ernest Hemingway sounds dreamy lol.



The Truth Behind Social Media – “Instagram Husband” [Video]

I think a lot of guys (and girls) can identify with this video. “Instagram Husband” by The Mystery Hour is a satirical poke at social media that does a great job of showing the ridiculous lengths most of us go to capture the ‘perfect’ shot showing off our ‘perfect’ lives.

I know I’ve been guilty of taking too many photos instead of just living in the moment.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everything – even if it’s a special moment – needs to be documented and shared online. I’m not trying to bash anyone that loves posting to social media often, but if much of your self-worth is based on how many likes, followers, or shares you have, then it’s probably time to question how social media is benefiting you.

Comparison is the thief of joy – Theodore Roosevelt

With the Internet and social media, it’s so easy to get caught up in how we are better or worse than everyone else. That kind of thinking, however, can drive us crazy! The next time you start getting down on yourself over someone else’s seemingly perfect life, remember these two things: not everything is at it seems, and the only thing that controls your happiness is you.

20th Century Headlines Rewritten to Get More Clicks [Graphic]

“Clickbait” headlines…whether or not you’ve heard of the term, you’ve definitely fallen for them like the rest of us. Over the last couple years, clickbait stories have kind of gotten a sleazy rap because readers often feel duped after clicking on a story that didn’t deliver. Fortunately though, we have funny writers like Randall Munroe at XKCD who can combine humor, history, and clickbait copywriting into something pretty cool.

(Original story from ArticulateMarketing.com)

Say Whaaat…? Emoji Wins Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year 2015

If you haven’t heard, Oxford Dictionaries recently released their “Word of the Year 2015” and drum roll please….it’s an emoji!! No, not the word emoji (that was added to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013) – I’m talking about the “face with tears of joy” emoji you use when a friend texts you a video of cats being scared by cucumbers. I think it’s an interesting direction for a dictionary to go, but how does one look up an image in a dictionary? I wonder if one day we will have the Oxford Emojis Dictionaries for when emojis start to replace most of our communications. Just kidding! (Kind of.)

Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year 2015 - Emoji

A Funny Video that a Grammar Nerd (Like Me) Can Appreciate

This video isn’t the most recent song “Weird Al” Yankovic has produced but it’s by far my most favorite. Why? Probably because it speaks to my inner grammar geek, the little voice in my head that silently corrects people’s grammar without their knowing. The one that despairs at times that we, as a society, write and sound like lazy morons. Alas! This brilliant video makes me feel that I’m not alone in this mad world, armed with just my keyboard against misused contractions, wrong verb tenses and plain old bad spelling. If you know what I mean, I’m sure you’ll love this video too. 🙂

Funny “YOLO” Short from The Lonely Island Goes Viral

It’s 2013! Yesss, I know that we’re already a month into the new year but my busy life got the better of me. But better late than never, right? ;D Well, here are the cliff notes to what’s been going on with Peace of Writing (aka me): tried to balance work and family during the holidays, was sick after the holidays, got a new job as a content writer, tried my first real french tart at Gourmet Croissant, finished a book and then got sick again. After work today though I decided it was time to work on my sorely neglected blog. Only thing is, I couldn’t come up with anything to write – go figure.

So I decided to do what I always do when I just want to zone out and let inspiration come to me…I went to MSN and Yahoo to read the random collection of stories they usually have. That’s when I came across the new music video from The Lonely Island and figured I would share something fun and random today. I’ve been a fan of The Lonely Island group, who got their start on SNL, when I saw their music videos “I’m On A Boat” and “D*ck in a Box.” Their new music video called “YOLO” features Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar and it’s pretty hilarious. Check it out!