Of Crashing Waves & Granite Blood

Beautifully written piece. It really spoke to me because I’ve been going through a lot of changes this year, and like the author, I feel like these changes are unearthing the real me.

The Better Man Project ™

There’s constant shifting…

A fluidity to all of this. Ever changing. Ever morphing. The sand twists and turns as the waves crash upon it.

And here I sit, on my kitchen floor, looking at all that is going on right now with my eyes closed. I can see things that I never used to be able to see and feel things that would have eluded me only a year ago.

The man I am now is far from the man I once was. A year ago, I never knew such things really existed. I may have hinted at them throughout the years as a possibility but now there’s something far far different from that…


Certainty of watching the waves of energy move about and have their impact on the landscape. There are so many things underneath the surface that you cannot see if you don’t believe in them.


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