Content Marketing Tool I Love: Canva


Humans are visual creatures, and if you’re a writer that is faced with the graphic dilemma, you have probably experienced panic at one time or another on how to get good looking, original graphics and images to help make your content more shareable. Look no further than! I use Canva all the time for work and personal use because not only is it FREE, there are so many templates and designs you can use, and customizing your design is easy and user-friendly. You can also use premium layouts and graphics for only $1, which is pretty cheap considering the quality they offer.

I particularly love to use Canva for adding a special touch to blog posts whether it’s within the article or when I’m sharing it on social media. I’ve also used it to make cover photos for social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. And recently, I started to explore some of their other templates to create marketing collateral at the company I work. They have so many design layouts, sizes, graphics and fonts, it’s made my job as a content marketer a lot simpler.

What are some tools you like to use for creating graphics?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are my own and I received no compensation from Canva.


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