Ms. Over-Thinker (Poem)

It all came tumbling out

before I fully considered whether my words were true.

Now I’m left wondering if I’ve been misled by my own duality.

Two struggling forces of blind passion and overzealous rationality.


The moment hangs in the air like thick smoke clogging my lungs,

And that’s how I feel. Breathless, choking on my own anxiety.


Finally for what seems like an eternity, you take my hand

and give me a wink because you know what I really mean.


Or at least I think you do and my mind begins to race all over again.

But you read my face like a favorite book and pull me into your arms

before I walk away with an excuse and a hasty, “Wish I could stay.”


Slowly it happens while wrapped in the scent of your sweater.

I feel the transference of your warmth and I relax enough to breathe again.

My mind turns quiet and I let out a slow exhale because I realize it was all just in my head.



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