Are we as bad as we think we are?

Whenever I happen to have some leisurely time to read the smart/funny/crazy/stupid things people comment on articles, I can’t help but notice how negative some people are about the world we live in. They kind of have a “world is going to crap”  sort of attitude for any story that reports our fellow humans’ depravity. You can give me the argument that there’s just people in this world who are negative by nature. I get that and agree because I’ve met a lot of people who no matter what you say, they’re going to continue being negative.

Personally, I think the world is no worse or better than it was in the past. In the words of my dad when I was growing up, “People don’t change. Ever.” I used to think he was wrong, that surely people can change if they really wanted to and worked hard at it. As I’ve gotten older, I’m starting to think the old man has a point.

human nature

In my opinion, the only thing that’s really changed about our world is that our communication is fast. Like, really freaking fast. With just a click of a button, we can be plugged in 24/7 to all the crazy things that are going on. Not even a century ago, people didn’t travel that far from the places they were born. Of course things would seem all peaceful in the “good ol’ days” if you don’t have the means to communicate what’s happening here or there. Humans have been doing really terrible and awesome things since the beginning of time. How we talk about our achievements and failures is the true indicator of whether we’re progressing or letting ourselves repeat history over and over and….


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