With You (Poem)

I’m a selfish being, that I know,

but with you I’m trying to be so much more.

Too many times I’ve prayed for change,

cried hard for the doubts to go away

and the anger to dissipate.

When I was desperate on those still restless nights, it was you

that made me discover the strength deep inside.

Alone, I’m smaller than an atom; a speck in the fabric of existence,

directionless and without a home.

With you, I’m a giant amongst men. Fiercer than a meteor shooting across the heavens,

powerful and majestic to all who gaze upon.

This soul now has peace

and gladly leaves the pursuit of perfection to your other creations.

Because I know despite my inequities,

my “too cool” mentality,

and my occasional lack of sensibility –

with you, I can be so much more.


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