Women of Distinction Awards Gala


This past weekend I attended the Women of Distinction Awards Gala by the Girl Scouts of Citrus Council and it was pretty amazing seeing and hearing accomplished women from all walks of life. I haven’t gotten all fancy in a while so it was fun to go to such a high class event and for a good cause. My boss Misty was a nominee and although she didn’t win, she wasn’t upset that she didn’t win. Instead, she was grateful and honored to have been even nominated and to be among such esteemed women.

The Gala was at Rosen Shingle Creek. Swanky… 🙂

All the women who were nominated were truly deserving but I think the awards were given to the right women. Hearing their acceptance speeches and all their amazing accomplishments made me inspired to work harder in my own life and give back more. I was never a Girl Scout but I think their motto is one that can be applied to girls and women everywhere: Courage, Confidence, Character. It’s so easy to get caught up with everyday stresses but if we don’t take the time to help the next generation of women then how can we pass judgement or criticize the way the generation carries themselves?

After the awards and the real party begins.



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