Typewriters and writing

Monday through Friday I work as a part-time office assistant/receptionist for Strates Shows in their corporate office. I haven’t been there long, only two weeks, but it’s been unlike any place I’ve worked at so far. My duties are pretty typical but there’s some…quirky things about the job, which isn’t surprising since it’s a carnival show. Despite some strange phone calls, our office cat named Oreo, and a co-worker who’s 95 years old and refers to me as “young lady” (side note: he called me by name today and I was completely floored) there’s one thing in the office that really makes me scratch my head. Typewriters. How is a typewriter still used in an office in the year 2012? Don’t get me wrong, they do have computers but a part of me is just baffled that a typewriter is regularly used in this place. I’m guessing it’s a generational thing because I’ve never even used a typewriter – that is until yesterday. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to my typewriter 🙂

Typewriter at my cubicle.

Despite my resistance to get on the thing, I actually found it kind of enjoyable once I learned how to use it. There’s something gratifying about hearing the keys click and clack and seeing printed letters appear right before eyes with just a swift movement of the fingers. Today though, I got pretty annoyed by the damn thing. I kept messing up! It’s such a pain because you can’t really fix your mistakes. With a computer you’re just so use to typing without really having to pay attention because you know you can go back and fix it. Not with this bad boy. You mess up, you pretty much have to start all over again.

Despite these frustrations, I think there is a lost art to writing with a typewriter. Using a typewriter really made me conscience to what exactly I was writing. Maybe the ease of typing with a computer has the effect of people sending or publishing messages without paying attention to what exactly they’re saying. I’m not getting rid of my beloved laptop any time soon but my old school typewriter taught me that not all things outdated are useless.


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