New job! (I’m gettin paperrrr)

I don’t know what it is about me but when it comes to finding a job it always seems to happen when I least expect, feel the least hopeful, and I find it through Craigslist. I recently got a job as a part time receptionist/office assistant for a carnival company (yeah, you read that right) and I’m totally excited, and it’s not just because I’ll get into the carnivals for free. I actually already have a job doing marketing for an amazing wedding photographer but since it’s only part time and I don’t have a regular schedule because it revolves around when she shoots weddings, engagements sessions, and the tons of charity work she does, I was feeling the pressure to find something to help supplement my income. I’ve been praying for a long time that I’ll find something that is part time so I could still work at my current job and it really seems like my prayers have been answered.

A lot of you can probably identify with the whole job hunting process: scouring the Internet, sending your resume out to hundreds of places, not hearing anything, and repeating the process over and over and over again. Well, on Tuesday as a I was recovering from some food poisoning (this has been an unusual week…) I applied for a job on Craigslist thinking I wasn’t going to hear back as usual but still applying with the small hope that maybe just maybe I’ll hear back. To my complete surprise, the next morning I got a phone call and was scheduled for an interview later that day. Well, the interview went great and I was offered the job yesterday with a wage I totally wasn’t expecting but totally grateful I got. I talked to Misty (the wedding photographer) and she’s happy to know I’m not leaving and actually said that the later time I would be coming in works better for her. Everybody knows about everybody and I couldn’t be happier that things have fallen into place better than I could have imagined or let myself hope for. So here I am, writing this post with a heart full of thanks and a mind buzzing with the possibilities of the future. And maybe I’ll even start looking for places so I can leave my sister’s house…baby steps though, baby steps.


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