Write it Down – Now

I hear and read all the time that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. And it’s true. Sometimes I’ll be driving somewhere or doing the dishes and a random thought will pop in my head. I see it clear in my mind like a movie almost and that thought will grow and transform into a vivid story or a couple lines of poetry. These spontaneous moments of writing inspiration could really be the start of something great if only for one thing…if I wrote them down! I use to pride myself on having a good memory but I’ve come to the conclusion that my memory really isn’t that great because when it came time to write, my mind would go blank. I would have a vague memory of my earlier idea and no matter how long I stared at my notebook or computer screen, it just didn’t feel quite right when I tried to put it down. I’ve realized now that I need to write my ideas down the moment I get them – not after dinner or done replying to an email but NOW. I think I would be further along in my writing if I carried a pocket notebook with me and wrote the thoughts that came into my head instead of trying to recollect those snippets of inspiration at a later time. So tomorrow I’m going to get me one and start using it. Writing, I’m finding, is more than just putting words on paper – it’s a way of living. And just like the way I take my cell phone everywhere, I need to start learning that I can’t go anywhere without taking my notebook and start filling it with some of the cool random thoughts that bounce around in my head.


2 thoughts on “Write it Down – Now

    • Veronica says:

      Oh really? I’ll have to check it out! Maybe I’ll do both because sometimes I get annoyed by how long it takes to type things out on my phone but I think the notepad will work great for quick thoughts. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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