Why being a newbie writer kinda sucks

It’s a little intimidating sometimes being a newcomer in the writing game. For one thing, there’s just SO MANY writers! Not saying that they’re all great but the sheer number of writers (professional, amateur, part time) is staggering. I know I get a little overwhelmed when I think about how many people I’m competing against when I apply for a writing job or how many other people have writing blogs out there. I know that in any field there’s going to be people who are better, worse, or just as good as you but I feel like writing is a little different. For one thing, you don’t need a degree or even experience to get into the field. It definitely helps to have it but it’s not required. Another thing that sucks about being a newbie is that not many people will give you the opportunity to write for them. They want people with experience and published work but how can you get that experience if nobody will give it to you? Even when I apply for writing jobs just to build my portfolio (aka doing it for free) I usually don’t hear back.

Despite these facts, there are some advantages to being a new writer. One advantage is that you’re not pegged into a particular genre, medium, or format. The future is wide open and you’re able to explore different paths. Another advantage is the Internet. Aaaah, the Internet….my friend, salvation, and heart breaker. There’s a lot of opportunities to get your work out there through social media, blogs (like what I’m doing), and forums.  The Internet also allows you to view thousands upon thousands of job listings and apply to as many as your little fingers can stand. You might not hear back from any of them but at least the law of averages is on your side. With that being said, being a newbie writer, or a newbie anything, kinda sucks but it can also be kinda rewarding depending on how you go about getting experience and mastering your craft.


2 thoughts on “Why being a newbie writer kinda sucks

  1. Kathleen Paul says:

    I find what ever field you are in, you always feel like there are billions of other people that are doing what you are doing. I realized a while ago because i started feeling like everyone in the world was a makeup artist or beauty expert or beauty someone because everyone i follow or who follows me on twitter does something beauty related and i just started feeling like wow everyone is a beauty expert one way or another, but then i seen this tweet from this man who is a social media expert and his tweet was something like ”wow everyone in this world claims to be a social media expert” but then i realized it is just because that i the world we are in that’s the circle of bloggers we are in etc. so since that’s the circle we are in in feels like this to us, like to me i don’t feel like everyone is a writer and to you, you are probably like not everyone is a makeup artist or beauty consultant lol it’s just because that is our circle and a lot of the times we are actively looking for competition or looking at others work, so only natural lol, It’s Kathleen Paul btw from linkedin 🙂

    • Veronica says:

      Hey Kathleen, I haven’t really thought about it that way but I totally see what you mean. I still feel like there’s a lot of writers out there but it doesn’t really phase me as much anymore. Since writing that post, I realized I have a unique point of view and constantly comparing myself to everybody else wasn’t good for my work or self esteem. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience!

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